Calendar of next training dates, games and events

If you use Google Calendar, just click on the + button on the bottom right to add it to your personal google account.

If you want to add it to other application (Iphone), please use the following ICAL address:


List of locations

1. Tempelhofer Feld (GPS coordinates 52.479743, 13.400082) 

2. Home Field at BSC.  Hubertusallee 50, 14193 Berlin

3. Park am Gleisdreick: Schöneberger Wiese (GPS coordinates 52.497128, 13.370983)

4. At BSV, Forckenbeckstraße 20, 14199 Berlin.  

5. Thanks to our other great pals at American Fitness we sometimes host fitness & strength sessions there using the finest equipment and trainers.  Address: Hermannpl. 10, 10967 Berlin, above Karstadt.